Why am I writing this Blog?

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Well, thanks for tuning in at first. I’m glad you made it and I hope I can set you up with some interesting stuff about canyoning, outdoors and living a good life :)

But again: Why am I writing this blog: Well, I’ve been in canyoning for quite some years now and stories just kept happening. And when we’d sit by the camp fire we’d tell them to each other and I was thinking we should write them down. I’ve learned that when a sentence starts with “We should” then you can, with solid conscience, quit listening. Because that’ll never happen. And because I make stuff happen I decided to get moving and do it myself. That’s why I’m writing this, I want to remember all the stuff we’ve done.

Also I want to connect to other Canyonauts out there. What are you doing? How are you doing it? What has happened that the world needs to know about? I’m looking forward to get in touch with you.

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