Wintercanyoning 2

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canyoning winter berglein5

Winter Canyoning

Why again?

this is what a view from my window looks like:

In German we say: Weder Fisch noch Fleisch: It’s not really anything. Like Winter or Fall.
I covered a Wintercanyoning event yesterday so I thought I’d give it another Go today. Because the DCV is so kind they’ve supplied with me with some more stuff from their winter canyoning Fundus from 2009. What we get to see here is the Steinsbach and Bergleintal in Tyrol. But see for yourself:
canyoning winter berglein

canyoning winter berglein

canyoning winter berglein3

canyoning winter berglein4

canyoning winter berglein5

canyoning winter berglein6

The Bergleintal is located here:

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