Winter Canyoning :)

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Canyoning wintercanyoning

Winter Canyoning

I know you might be sick of it by now. But. I’m looking out the windows and it’s snowing. And it hasen’t been snowing here in Munich like from November. So that’s pretty new here. And that’s what it looks like:
not canyoning but chriss view from his house with snow

Finally some snow in Germany

So I’m sitting here dreaming of the beautiful summertime and of course dreaming of that:


to come?

But obviously it’s at least 90 days until I will be in my beautiful mountains for canyoning again. So I brought together some stuff that looks like quite nice winter Canyoning and you might actually enjoy it. So. Here it is:

Lots of snow and canyoning in Canada

canyoning is the best but not in winter

canyoning winter allgaeu

Canyoning wintercanyoning

Canyoning Wintertime Allgaeu Fun Sports

Schluchten Winterzeit Wasser Spaß

So, and because you’ve so bravely watched and read through my stuff that now I want to share a video that shows how beautiful winter canyoning can be. I wish I had that kind of stuff from our Starzlachklamm

Awesome Winter Canyoning Video

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