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study on US tourism and canyoning7

This isn’t about Canyoning

This is about what people want

Hello alltogether, welcome to another blog of mine. Today is a bit different then usually, because this post isn’t about Canyoning only. I conducted an interview, it is about vacations and you will find the results here. But before we start I want to let you know I found out how I can implement Like-Buttons like tho so apologies if go a little crazy with them. And the second reason why this is a bit different is because I introduce pay with likes which works like that: If I have great content, which I hope I do, and $-wise it’s free, which it is, then I can still charge you a “Like”, if there’s something special. Let’s try it: If you want to know what’s behind that curtain, all I’m asking is a like, tweet etc:

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Well, enough of the jokings, what have I got today?

Today is very special because I have conducted a study. I have asked 100 US-Americans about their vacation habbits and I’m going to share this with you here and now. Why did I ask Americans? Well because they’re usually ahead of the pack, trends emerge there first, they spend more money on vacation and are just simpler to ask. I’m going to put up slide by slide and give you some background info where necessary. Eventually, I wanted to find out what everyone can do better when dealing with customers. Let’s get started

Study on vacation habbits of US-Americans

study on US tourism and canyoning

Not a real surprise, the Americans don’t seem to leave the US much.

study on US tourism and canyoning1

study on US tourism and canyoning2
Here it is to see that most of the respondents are choosing a hotel, followed is A7 with 24% which is mostly a homestay with friends or family nearby.

study on US tourism and canyoning3
Now things are getting interesting: Most important for the choice of vacation is obviously the price. But what follows next is the location which can be interpreted that way: If you’re in a primary location, this beats the price and you can eventually be more expensive. This is especially important in areas where there is only a limited # of accomodations available.

study on US tourism and canyoning4
And this is where us Germans can learn something: Online Booking and paying in advance is going to hit us. If you’re not ready for it yet, get ready. It’ll come. Answer A1 still very popular is a phone reservation.

study on US tourism and canyoning5
Again it is obvious that credit card payment is a basic need of Americans and plays will play an even bigger role in the future in Europe as well. Also outdoor companies will have to get ready for that.

In Questions 7 I asked for what they were really fascinated about the last time they had accomodation. They answered extensively and the document is found here.question 7 what fascinated

study on US tourism and canyoning6
Here the answers are really widely distributed. Named most was Relaxing and other, which resulted in meeting friends, being social etc.

study on US tourism and canyoning7
And lastely you find criteria which are important when booking outdoor adventures. Fun Factor, Price and convenient locations were key here.

So, I hope this helps you guys. If you want to download the study completely you can here. If you pay with a like, tweet are google+ you will be able to download the pdf:

Thank you!

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