Canyoning Training Course in Tyrol

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Training to become a canyoning guide

So I had decided to become a professional canyoning guide. But not just had I decided to become a canyoning guide, I also decided to work for that exact company that I had been a customer at. And that was about a 4h drive away from where I lived. And oh yeah, by the way I had a fairly nice job at the insurance company:


Also important for me was that I’m academically improving as well. Because that was the only way I could’ve sold my parents to support me. By support I don’t mean money of any sort, I just mean their approval and not making a move totally against them.

Where is the course going to be?


So I got out a map. I circled the place that I wanted to work at (faszinatour) and then looked for the next big city that was closest: Innsbruck.

Thank you Google for that service.

I didn’t really know much about that place. Still. I just punched “college innsbruck” into google and the first hit was the MCI – Management Center Innsbruck. baraaa. My thing exactly.


The MCI already back then was quite fancy and picky when it came to their students. I didn’t even have a decent diploma from high school but that shouldn’t stop me. So I did everything at the same time: I applied to MCI, Faszinatour and the TBFV – Tiroler Bergsportführerverband. MCI to get a business degree, Faszinatour to get a job and TBFV to get the canyoning training.

Canyoning is hard after all


What was the easiest? Faszinatour: Marcel said: Sure you can work for me: Just take my 400€ rafting course and you’re good to go. MCI required me to study in order to be accepted which was hard but not unachieable, so the Canyoning Training actually was the hardest.
Canyoning Guides in Allgäu
Looks like I’m like: I don’t understand anything


They even had a day where the would have all applicants show up and screen them. We’d be judged in the area of climbing (climb a 4 with canyoning gear), repell, wild water swimming and knots.

Repelling in Canyoning


And I actually did it well except for the repelling. In Tyrol, we do a very special technique, I’m not sure how this is elsewhere around the world. We knot a clove hitch with a carabiner against the chain link:

Canyoning Guides repelling

And then we repell on the left-hand side and then get the rope by pulling on the right hand side.


And I actually did it differently, but they still had me pass.


And a week after the screening they’d invite us back for the first part of the actual course. And man, that was intense. I’ll get back with you on that :)

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