Preperation to become a guide

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canyoning training site burg kräheneck

Canyoning means learning

I want to continue on the preparation of my Canyoning course.

Four areas would be tested, they were kind enough to tell us beforehand. That was 1. climbing, 2. knots, 3. repelling, 4. swimming. When I made my decision, I was clueless about 3.5 out of those 4 things. I figured I’d be all right in the bathing suite. But after all, where there’s a will there’s a way.


So I tackled those issues one by one. First, luckily there was a guy in my group MMA that I was in that was excellent in 3 out of those 4. That was climbing, knots and repelling. Good for me that he agreed to help me out by training me. We went to the nearby climbing center, would practice over and over those knots and climbing techniques. Don’t forget, I was starting out from scratch. I had never had a rope in my hands. And actually, I didn’t even like the climbing. The opposite was the case, it scared the shit out of me. Every time I’d climb a 3, my legs were trembling like hell.


I’d put some equipment in my hand bag that I’d carry around and would randomly tie knots whenever I had some time on my hands. Waiting for the train, driving or even in the bathroom. A piece of rope and a carabiner was always around. At some point I got a bit exaggerated about that, then I heard that Daniel Day Lewis, in order to prepare for one of my most favorite movies “Last of the Mohicans” took his artificial musket to restaurants in order to get the feel for it. I figured that I was just fine.


I had always been a good swimmer so I wasen’t much worried about that. Basically, swimming looked like that:
Canyoning Training Swimming Test

Crossing the river back and forth in a given distance (I think it was 100m). But swimming wasen’t so much since I once even played in a waterball team and I even scored! That’s also the river that’s fed by our famous Gunzesried!


Repelling was probably one of the easiest things to be done because it was so fun to me and I was eager to learn quickly. That was also easy, because we’d look for a nearby tower and just kept repelling, repelling and repelling. When we were done, we’d go out to do some repelling. That way, I got the hang of this.

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That was the first time in my life, I decided I wanted something so bad and was willing to put anything else aside for it. And I did. My parents didn’t give it much thoughts, sometimes I think they still don’t today.


I like canyoning but I don’t like climbing

That’s like saying I love to ride but I don’t like horses :) haha

So but climbing was the worst. I was so scared. And I still am today. I think my body is not made for it at all. I always used to be 80kg and 1,85m. My excuse still is today that that’s just not the right combo. So since me and my friend had no idea about the goabout the just improvised. Our first climbing attempts were made here:

canyoning training site burg kräheneck

Not much to climb here. So we developed and eventually found this rock not so far away from my place:

Canyoning need climbing skills an Allgaeu

It doesn’t look much like it now but I can tell you that much. Back then, the thought itself made me wake up at night just sweating and being scared.

But actually, that really was it. Knots, Repelling, Swimming and Climbing. Let’s see later how I did. Just FYI, that’s were the test took place:

Like to find out what was waiting for me in the Ötz Valley!

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