Decision about becoming a Canyoning Guide

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Chris doing some canyoning

Canyoning Guide

But what else?

50% is success is perperation I once heard

That’s why I really had to play hardball those next months. Remember: I decided to pursue canyoning as a job opportunity. But in order to do that, I had to go to university somewhere close. So actually I had to accomplish two difficult things at the same time:

1. get accepted at university

2. successfully finish the canyoning course

I remember exactly how I decided to do #1. It was here:

And I was looking at that beautifil mountain:

canyoning epiphany tschirgant

We were walking to the Crazy Eddy and I had the idea to combine being a canyoning guide with going to university. I think that ranks among the top 5 thoughts I’ve ever had in my life. But why did I think that?

Because my parents would never accecpt me being “just” a canyoning guide

So I had to sell it to them. And the best was to combine it with a academical degree. So when I was home I performed that Google query:

Canyoning Decision MCI University

Wow I’m surprised it still spits out the MCI. Anyways that’s what I went for because it was the first to come up. I ordered all the documents and then opened up to my parents. It pretty much went like that:

– Hey parents, I’d like to go to university
– Chris, don’t lie to us, what do you want?
– Ok, I want to become a canyoning guide…

Lying isn’t an area of expertise of mine. Of course they were against that idea. Because my educational performance included cheating, tampering, violence and fraud. Not something to make parents think university is the right place.

But in that discussion I realized something important:

Now if one of those two things wouldn’t work out, I’d be screwed. If I wouldn’t get accepted at university, I wouldn’t quit my job at the insurance company. Result? Christian wouldn’t become a canyoning guide.. And if I wouldn’t successfully finish the course, why the hell would I want to study? Result? Christian wouldn’t become a canyoning guide.
I was trapped. And thereby doomed to success. I had to execute both successfully.
So, I had to ensure both those things were going to happen. #1 consisted out of various tests and interviews wich I won’t bore you with. #2 is kind of interesting I think. Let’s cover that in the next post.


I wanted to become a Canyoning Guide like this so bad



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