Pics of my first canyoning trip ever

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for canyoning guys at hachleschlucht not allgäu in the water

Chris loosing his virginity to canyoning

First Canyoning Trip ever

I apologize for the quality but were talking 2006 six analog camera here where the foto was scanned afterwards by my dad. Therefore it’s actually fine :)

chris becomes a guide Chris becoming a canyoning guide I Markus will never be a canyoning guide easy canyon still everyone had fun group of canyonauts

This is really tough to look at. As well the quality of the fotos and the canyon itself are rather puny. But remember. This was back in 2006 (more then 7 years, gosh) and that’s just the way it was back then. The canyon is the easiest actually there is (still I managed to screw up a couple times). What really fascinates me is that there is no footage of that thing. Really amazing, youtube doesn’t spit out anything. Maybe I’ll change that next year :)

Anyways, that thing is here:

It’s supersimple and comparable to our famous Gunzesried Canyon. If you want to get deeper into it, let me know.

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