Mountainbiking as a Canyoning Guide :)

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Almost Canyoning

Just recently I purchased a mountainbike. Actually first I purchased a year ago a racing bike:

canyoning allgäu rennrad


What a mistake. I realized quickly that this was a mistake. Riding a racing bike like driving a ferrari. It’s nice in downtown Munich or on a racetrack, but as soon as you’re in the countryside (also reffered to as reality), you’re absolutely limited. Because you have to stay on the street. That bike doesn’t have any suspension, 6 bar pressure in the tires so that you can feel every piece of gravel and every bump on the road.


And I’m likely to make experiments, like where’s that trail taking me, what’s behind that hill and so on. But with that bike? Screw it, you have to stay on the road. So fortune was on my side again and lead me to a very nice Merida bike. I saw it in September 2013 in Sonthofen in an old furniture store. They were shutting down the furniture thing and the junior was selling his bike on that occasion and I fell in love with it:

So now I’m much happier because I I can be like that:


I know, advice is like nostalgia, but if you’re anything like me, the real life happens out in the wild, not on concrete roads. Just like canyoning:

That’s for that, I hope you enjoyed.

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