What happened after the day I got addicted?

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rafting can be fun


That’s what happened after I got addicted to Canyoning

I still remember it.

The day after I decided I wanted to become a canyoning day was a shitty day. Why?

Because we were rafting (2006)

not a canyoning foto

Don’t get me wrong rafting can be fun(2010):

rafting can be fun

But like said, I was addicted to canyoning.

Also I just remembered talking to a friend that we were really really drunk after our first Canyoning session so we were heavily damaged as we entered to rafts. So maybe that’s why my experience is a bit ambivalent here. We were at the crazy eddy which is here:

And looks like that:

Still today I’m not really sure why I’m so crazy about this. Sometimes canyoning itself scares me. When I have a difficult trip ahead of me I’m nervous, unrelaxed and uneased. Afterwards though, I’m superhappy, almost high. What I love most about is that it’s so real.

It’s amazing when you’re in such a deep canyon that it’s actually really dark, the water is strong and loud and you know nature is the boss here. Then you can have to apply, be smart, find solutions and guide. I think much of the trips success is actually the guiding. If the guide is actually “guiding” then customers ultimately have more fun. And not a lot of guides are good guides.

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