Canyoning Commercial

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Canyoning Allgäu

Canyoning Commercial

Soooooo, this is going to be interesting. Because today I have a little experiment in mind. You know I have this thing about Canyoning that’s on my mind. Well, I want to promote tours and what do you need to promote something?

Are you for real? A Canyoning Commercial?

Right, a Canyoning Commercial or ad. And I’ve made one. Before I’ll show it to you just some insights in my mind. My idea is that I’ll post those on the social networks at hand. And then I hope that they go a little viral. Can viral be a littel? Or is it like being pregnant?

I’ve put up that video as a test in two groups (related to mountainbiking) and got 360 clicks:

Now with my commercial I’m aiming for 1.000! That would be excellent. I’ve already chosen some affinity groups on facebook and I will post my video there as well. So I hope that’ll get me to 1.000 and of course I’ll put a link on my website. I’m kind of excited.

So the plan is to have something funny that people will like to share, but still some canyoning in there. Copyright issues start to arise every time there is a commercial undertaking, which obviously there is. What I consider questionable is if solely a link in the video defies commercial? Well, I won’t bore you with that. I hope you’re having fun, if so share it.

The ultimate Canyoning Commercial

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