Canyoning Kobelache

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Canyoning Kobelache

uh I love that sound

Kobelache is actually one of the nicest canyons I’ve seen in my life. Ever.

I mean, I haven’t seen THAT many canyons, maybe if add them all up, 30? Thirty could be right. The thing is, it isn’t hard to find a canyon, finding a nice canyon, that’s what’s hard about it. The there’s many nice ones out there: Auerklamm in Tyrol, Iragna in Tessin, Bodengo near Lago de Como.


But Kobelache is somewhat different. It’s located here:


And that’s where the beauty starts. It’s so close, you don’t have to drive days to get there. Then, it’s kind of easy. You don’t need so many guides per customer. It’s also quite deserted, not a lot of companies go there. But mostly it’s SPECTACULAR. First repell kind of gives it away, you end up in very narrow space with (that’s amazing) purely white rocks. In that area, that’s superrare. The water is really green and it’s washed out beautifully.

Pictures of Schluchting

I’ve been in there once (too bad I don’t have pictures) on a very foggy day. Then there’s a part where there’s a bridge that’s not on any sort of map and looking at it from below it seems like it’s abandoned and just sitting there rotting until one fine day it’ll just fall down in the Kobelache.

Then towards the end it’s getting more and more exciting: the highest repell is 25m underneath a waterfall and what fallows is a must-dive underneath some rocks to escape that part. Then you enter Merlin’s World and it’s getting superdark. The first time I went there I thought I fainted because it looked so unreal and so dark. And of course the very last slide is breathtaking.

Kobelache is nothing for beginners. You want to go there if you’ve seen some canyons and actually know what you’re doing. Active repelling and jumping from 3 meters is mandatory. If you can do that, you’re more then welcome to join :)

Wanna do some Canyoning?

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