Canyoning Kobelache with my family

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canyoning allgaeu kobelache 2

Canyoning Kobelache

One of the most beautiful canyons

And it’s located really conveniently


This trip really isn’t that long ago yet. The first time I was introduced to this beautiful piece of Austria was this August. Sebi from map-erlebnis called me up for a sunday trip to the Kobelache. I hadn’t heard about this one yet still I opted in. Since I’ve become a careful guide I’ve tried to find information on this canyon beforehand. But it’s really bad. I couldn’t find ANYTHING. Just a couple low quality youtube videos and very rudamentary topographies. Maps of canyons are called topographies (topos) and they’re really important. They’re telling you about the get-ins, exits, emergency exits, tips and tricks, highest repells and so on. From the information gained here you adjust your equipment especially rope-length and food supplies.


Canyoning Kobelache is intense

Because this canyon is really long (5h) and therefore you have to be prepared. Since I wasen’t the only guide in the game but we were actually team of three it didn’t matter so much, still I wanted to know what I’d be getting into.

canyoning allgaeu kobelache 2

What I witnessed is one of the most beautiful canyons I’ve ever seen in my life. White rocks, green water and spectacular scenes. At parts, the canyon is only a half a meter wide, you have to climb down into claustrophic Schlitze. It’s simply spectacular.


So I wanted my wonderful sister and her crazy boyfriend Benny to see this. So I set up a trip of five people and mid-september 2013. The weather was rather cool, slightly foggy but fair for a canyoning event.

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And that combo just let the place appear more mystical: It’s a very green canyon with some trees in it, huge rocks and and one old and rotten wood-bridge crossing the canyon in 40m height. Simply the best.


What wasen’t the best was that at some point in the canyon we found dead chickens. The first one I could remove silently and just commanded not do drink the water any more. But then we found like 5 half-rotten dead chickens that were probably thrown off the bridge and then died.


And that’s where my sister freaked out. She really improved much during all of our adventures (and we had many) and then she blacked out. After we found the chicks there was a 7m jump that was actually rather easy. But she was in tears and confused and was just blocked. Everytime I wanted to get the rope out to repell her she didn’t want that but she didn’t want to jump either. So after literally standing there for a half an hour I made a decision: I was going to push her.

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Well, there is a golden rule: You never push the customer. That’s where the accidents happen and you can’t enforce such a behaviour. But her reaction was unlogical too. And I knew exactly that if I didn’t do it, my dad would’ve laughed at her and said she was a kröti. And she’d regret it. So I decided to make her feel better in the long run.


So as she took approach 7 to jump herself I was going to help her. Her procedure was the same every time: She held on with both hands to the safety rope. Then she’d take on hand and put it into mine. Then she’d let go with her second hand. That’s the moment I was waiting for. Took me about 5 minutes to talk her into letting go and then I pushed. I imagined it was going to be easier but she really fought to stay up. But eventually I won. She feel the 7 meters screaming and I followed immidiately. She was in shock: how I could’ve done such a thing, she screamed at me that I broke her trust and stuff. But after the trip we hugged and things were back to normal. I guess I’ll now have to live with the label “pushed a customer”.


There’s worse I guess.

Fotos of Canyoning Kobelache

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