Why am I a Canyoning Guide?

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Canyoning Guides in a canyon in tessin

My parents asked me that question the other day

And they really surprised me. Because they thought I was a guide for self-promotion reasons. Really interesting, I’ve never seen it that way. I think I’m a guide because I love the water, the adrenalin, nature and leading people. Those are actually quite contrary reasons. Of course I like when I do jumps like this at 0:40.

and people are staring at me with their eyes wide open. But that’s not why I do it. I do it because I love the sport. I love the sport in terms of reality. When I’m out in the canyon, in the nature it’s so real. The rocks, the powerful water the people that are having the time of their year, since they’re mostly in vacation.

In 2014 with this website, I want to do way more canyoning tours, also specials that others are not doing, or not doing often like Bodengo, Kobelache or Tessin. And I want to bring people along for a bit of money. That’s why I’m a guide.

Why else? Well, there is something…I love the nature and the beauty. Check this out:

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