How did I become a Canyoning Guide?

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for canyoning guys at hachleschlucht not allgäu

Well, that’s an easy question. But it’s the wrong question as well.

The correct questions is: Why did I become a Canyoning Guide?

That question dates back to 2006 (I feel like my grandpa writing this). I was working for a crappy insurance company. Actually, it wasn’t crappy at all, it was just crappy to me. I had somehow snug into this job and by pure luck and coincidence I was able to keep it. It was a classic nine to five and the boredom almost killed me. Looking back it’s funny, why I never saw this. I mean it was obvious, I was falling asleep in front of my computer, sleeping and jerking off in the bathroom. Insane. I wish someone had told me I was wasting precious lifetime.

Just checked I even have a picture from the old days:

Chris not a canyoning guide yet

And just by the way, she was in my class as well:

nicole kidman

I just put that up because I think she looks like Nicole Kidman. No idea what her name really is.

Anyways. I wanted to write WHY I became a canyoning guide.

Well the story is easily told: My friends (Andreas, Markus und Peter) called my up for an adventure weekend in Tyrol/Austria. I was in right away and that’s where I fell in love.

We arrived friday and of course got drunk as hell. Nevermind the pain the next day, we had a canyoning event to take part in. And I don’t know what happend to me. But everything about this day was magical. Getting dressed in the old, smelly and busted neopren, having our guide Klaus talking austranish with us all the time or the camp we set off from. Everything just felt damn right to me.

And the canyoning event itself wasen’t even so special. It was an easy canyon, no big jumps, slides, not even the weather was good. But I knew just there, that this was something I wanted more of. Much more.

A couple pics looks like that:

for canyoning guys at hachleschlucht not allgäu for canyoning guys at hachleschlucht not allgäu in the water for canyoning guys at hachleschlucht not allgäu in the water still a nice pictures Chris becoming a canyoning guide I could be peter the canyoning allgäu expert as well

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