Testing my canyoning passion

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canyoning allgäu alpenkönig

“Canyoning, are you sure?”

That’s what everyone kept asking me

“Do you really want to be a Canyoning Guide?”
Damn, of course I do. I fell I love with this sport. I don’t want to keep answering this bloody question. But it kept ringing in my ears.

I took part in a Canyoning Event in Tyrol and all that was on my mind was becoming a Canyoning guide. But everyone kept bugging me about keeping it real:
“Think about the future”
“It is so insecure/dangerous/illogical”
“Why are you so difficult”

That sort of stuff. So I needed to check. Check if I really like that Canyoning as much as I thought or if my mind was cheating on me. So I grabbed the guys closest to me that couldn’t defend themselves and dragged them to another Canyoning tour to Tyrol. This time, we’d get into the real stuff. We’d take on an intermediate Canyon (Alpenkönig):

Pictures of canyoning

That’s probably the most representative picture of it all: It’s a nice hike in a green environment:
canyoning allgäu alpenkönig

canyoning allgäu alpenkönig1

canyoning allgäu alpenkönig tirol2

canyoning allgäu alpenkönig tirol
canyoning allgäu alpenkönig

The highlight is a 8m slide that goes around a corner and can also be slidden face first. Great thing. Give me a like if you want to see it!

It’s located here and actually it’s the disposal of a power plant just a couple miles up:

Repell starts at that bridge (no pics, sorry) and that is rather spectacular :)

and some parts of the Jurassic Park that I’ll cover in part II :)

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