What is Canyoning

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CAnyoning allgäu Starzlachklamm

What is Canyoning?

I keep babbling about it, but what is it?

Canyoning is a sport. I think it’s fair to say that canyoning is an extreme sport, too. It’s refferred to as extreme, because people get hurt a lot. That’s what wikipedia hast to say, btw.

If you’ve never done canyoning I would explain it to you like that: In Canyoning you follow the water that is running down a creek by hiking, repelling, sliding and jumping. Canyoning is like hiking, you just go down using more techniques then purely walking.

And that’s basically it. Of course pictures say more then 1.000 words. That’s why I’ve put up some:
canyoning jump

canyoning repelling

canyoning hiking

canyoning sliding starzlachklamm

Also Thomse (Thomas Kracker), an expert in the field explains it supernicely in this tape:

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